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February 13, 2005

Patents, developing countries and develpoment

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A democratically elected government supposedly should protect and look after the interest and welfare of it’s people. In the name of globalization the actions of the United Progressive Alliance government’s are doing the very opposite. As part of fulfilling India’s obligations under WTOs agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), government recently tabled a new Seed Act. When implements it require compulsory registration of all farmers. According to the new law any farmer growing his or her own traditional varieties of seeds and selling his or her own seeds will be treated as illegal. This virtually ends the farmer’s right over his seed, which he has been enjoying for centuries.

With another proposed amendment of Patents Act, thanks again to TRIPS, the prices of medicines will sky rocket making them inaccessible to ordinary man. This change will replace the current process patent system with product patent system…virtaully the death of generic drugs. For example in India a generic drug for cancer treatment curretly cost Rs. 298.27 whereas equivalent patent drug cost Rs. 9809.76. Imagine the impact of this on India where 35% of the population lives below povery line.

Prof. Graham Dutfield of the Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute at the University of London said:
First the developed countries are being hypocritical in demanding that the rest of the world adopt their own patent and other IP (Intellectual Property) standards before many of them feel they are ready. Second, and much more important, in doing so they are preventing the developing countries from adopting appropriate patent standards for their levels of development, a freedom today’s rich countries made sure not to deny themselves when they were developing economies.


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  1. Hi, I have made a post about this on a group blog that I’m part of. Check it out: http://www.ip-sj.org

    Comment by Anonymous — March 8, 2005 @ 1:06 am

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