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February 19, 2005

Sania Mirza…the symbol of secularisation and modernity of Indian Muslims

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A very interesting article by Praful Bidwai in Rediff.com about Sania Mirza shows the very positive side of Indian society…where people are recognized and appreciated not based on their religion or cast but based on their personality, achievements and contribution to the society. Starting from our honorable President Dr. Abdul Kalam, Azim Premji – Chairman of Wipro and the richest Indian, A R Rehman – one of the best music composer, and now Sania Mirza – an icon for youth, the list of Muslim achievements is endless. It is very exciting and heartwarming to see the Sun of secularist nature of India shines out of the dark clouds of Gujarat riots, Narendra Modi, and other religious fundamentalism.

Where else in the world one can witness the display of secularism like this: President of India is a Muslim, Prime minister of India is a Sikh, Finance minister of India is a Hindu, head of Indian intelligence agency (RAW) is a Christian and above all the leader of the ruling political party is a Roman Catholic, an Italian by birth, and a woman. I am proud of my India.



  1. the comparision you have shown should make any indian proud. interesting…

    you are making me follow you more closely! i spent the whole day reading all your blogs.

    Comment by Elangovan Subbiah — January 11, 2006 @ 7:10 am

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