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August 2, 2005

Random Thoughts

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Can it ever exist – a perfect socialist world or a perfect free market economy or a perfect democracy? In reality they simply don’t exist. They exist only in the mind of an idealist. What we have is something of a cocktail, something lesser than the ideal. Any kind of perfect system simply cannot exist so long as there is a ‘you’ and ‘me’. Similarly, can there be everlasting peace in this world? No. Pursuit for a peaceful earth is like chasing a mirage. Great many of them attempted from time immemorial. But none of them succeeded. From Krishna, to Jesus, to Gandhi – no one succeeded. The catastrophe Krishna tried to prevent ends with the complete annihilation of his own lineage. The next two were crucified and assassinated. The peace they achieved was momentary. The world soon fell apart again. Similar with the other unknown millions who had tried. Conflict is inherent in the nature, even in the sub-atomic particles. One cannot stop it. Once it is stopped, the world, as we know it now, will cease to exist. But man’s pursuit for his ideal will never cease. For him it is far away, but at the same time, he knows that he must have it somehow. Knowingly or unknowingly he run after it like a deer run after a mirage to quench it’s thirst. This is what I observed from the life so far. Correct me if I am wrong.



  1. Hi Madhu
    I would say that many idealists create imaginary worlds that are populated by creatures very different than humans. In their imaginary worlds, people cooperate selflessly and for the common good. This is the appeal of socialism and of theocracies. In practice, these societies are miserable places because everything is forbidden – people need to be forced to behave like the idealists imagined them to behave.

    This is why freedom is such a powerful idea. It is the opposite of what socialist and theocrats would want. But a system that allows a lot freedom and creates a system in which each person acting selfishly leads to cooperation instead of non-cooperation can be very effective. True, you cannot have a perfectly free society, but this does not mean that the idea of freedom is just a silly ideal.

    Comment by Michael Higgins — August 2, 2005 @ 12:26 pm

  2. I kind of agree with you. There is no perfect socialist word or a perfect free market world. I dislike both. These days, I am more wary of the free market world.

    I think the key to a better world lies in sustainable human population levels.

    Then again… who gets to define what is a “sustainable level”.

    Then again… Krishna and Jesus belonged to a period when human population was tiny

    [pinch of salt]
    People have accused me of being a misguided rambling idealist.
    [/pinch of salt]

    Comment by One More Reason — August 2, 2005 @ 7:50 pm

  3. Hi Michael,
    I believe failure of socialism or communism had happened because they forgot to count the most important ingredient – the volatile, dynamic and ambitious human nature. Given the human nature, the system you just described is probably much more realistic. But if one look closely, one can see in it hides the same very nature of man that curb the freedom of another for his own selfish purposes. Therefore ‘each person acting selfishly leads to cooperation’ could be counter-productive. So, is the problem lies with those systems or with human beings? Since there cannot be a perfectly free society, the effectiveness of a system, in my opinion, lies in the controls that it had placed in the society so that one man’s freedom would not become another man’s bondage. It’s kind of a balancing act. Like walking on a double edged sword. And no system perfected in that so far. How far today’s capitalism and free market have succeeded in that? That I am not sure and I do not want pass any judgement. Knowing the human nature I would like to wait and see.

    One more reason: I agree population level is an important factor. But I don’t think it is the only factor.

    Comment by Old Path — August 3, 2005 @ 2:08 am

  4. I think in a way what you say is true and also not true. I agree that conflict is seemingly inherent to human nature. We seem to be unable to live without conflict of any sort. On the other hand why are we even going after peace when it is so idealistic- atleast it seems like that to a cynic like me and yet I am also an idealist who feels that it IS possible. If only. Again we see a common theme here- mental conflict. Is peace possible, not possible? I dont know. Yet as humans we go after peace nevertheless……….

    Comment by Sizzlingtree — August 5, 2005 @ 5:37 am

  5. Perfection cannot be a definition by my mind or yours or anybodys ,, if we start to define perfection it looks more screwed .. mebbe coz our preceptions are skewed .. 🙂 and we do not percieve the w.h.o.l.e picture ?

    BTW Checked out some of those pics.. nice stuff..

    Comment by contraddict — November 10, 2005 @ 5:08 pm

  6. Sizzlingtree, Pooja..thank you for your thoughtful comments

    Comment by Old Path — December 8, 2005 @ 5:16 pm

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