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January 2, 2006

"….we kill for peace.."

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A Man lived here for some years. During that period, among other things, he came to thought of a piece of land as his own and he imagined he would inherit it forever. He argued, fought and killed for that piece of land. Sometime he won and sometime he did not. And after some years he died, and lo, he could not take with him the land he fought for. The land, and all other things that he considered his own, based on which he defined himself, had taken away from him on his death. Now with whom he would fight ?

He would argue with God (if such a being exits): “Those were mine..my wife..my kid..my family…my land…those were mine..You gave it to me”

God would reply: “Just your imagination dear. Everything is mine as always”.

Vengeance breeds vengeance breeds vengeance……and at the end no one remains.

Those were the thoughts surfaced in mind when I watched Spielberg’sMunich


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