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January 26, 2007

The Middle of the World

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Odyssey of a poor Brazilian family on four broken-down bikes travelling 2000 miles towards promised land – Rio de Janeiro. It is a simple story beautifully told. Director Vicente Amorim never attempts to display any degenerated sentimentality or negative display of poverty and misery. The beauty of this movie lies in it’s honest portrayal of inner dynamics of the characters – their interaction, their spirit, their love, the values they hold despite their hardship, their vulnerability and poverty.
There are so many interesting conversation happen among the characters. One such dialogue take place when the eldest child Antonio challenge his parents and refuses to travel any farther:
Father: Let’s go. It’s a long way to Rio de Janeiro. Antonio take Rodney.

Antonio (defiantly): I’m staying here

Mother (with anger and frustration): Listen I’m your mother. I tell you what to do. You have no choice. Stay alone here? Do you think you’re your own boss. You are not.

Father: Yes he is. A son must respect his parents but parents don’t own their children

Mother (protests): But man…

Father: A mother gives life, but she doesn’t own her child.

A beautiful movie.


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    Comment by Biby Cletus — April 23, 2007 @ 10:14 am

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