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May 29, 2007

Guruvayur Sree Krishna temple and purification ritual

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My dear friend, you seem to be very much agitated? Oh! because of the temple entry issue?

What did I think about temple entry for non-Hindus? Well it doesn’t matter what I think. It does matter what the resider thinks about someone entering his house…. in this case Sri Krishna because He is the deity of the Guruvayoor temple. Did you bother to check with him…?

My friend why did you scoff at what I just said. Why there is sarcasm in your voice? Oh you think He did not have any opinion on this matter …only His servants – Tantris, Community leaders and Kerala Yogakshema Sabha have an opinion?

Did you say this was a matter of faith? I dont agree. I think faith should be based on reason and fact.

Well if my memory is correct Krishna already discussed and settled these issues with his long time pal Arjuna. It was a long time ago and the transcript of that dialogue is widely available for anyone who bothered to look into it.

Yes my friend, I am talking about Bhagavad Gita.

Oh you were saying Tantri might be right when he ordered purification ritual after the entry of a non-Hindu? You mean the Supreme God got defiled or polluted by the presence of a mere human being and His power got somehow diminished by coming in contact with a mere mortal? Well in this case Sri Krishna, the resident of Guruvayoor temple, did not seem to agree with the you or the Tantri. He said:
This all-knowing Self is never born and never dies. It has no cause and undergoes no transformation in it’s essence. It is unborn, eternal, immortal and ever existing. Weapons do not cut this Self nor does fire burn it; water does not wet it and wind does not dry it up. This Self is eternal, all prevading, unchanging, un-moving and ever existing. He who considers this self to be the killer and he who considers this self to be killed – both do not clearly see the Truth“.

(so much so for a purification ritual which include water that wet. What good it will do when you sprinkle purification water to something that never get wet ?)

Very wise, you agreed. But you seem to be little confused.
Okay now your argument is God’s power is manifested more in certain places or personalities and therefore it should be protected and revered more. Well, you my dear friend, may not want to know what Krishna think of people like you – He calls your type : “persons of poor intellect”.
All this visible universe is filled inside and outside by Me. Persons of poor intellect, not knowing My supreme casual form, which is the support of all the universal factors, misunderstand Me as having taken a human body“.

I noticed anger in your face and your hands clenched into a fist. Sorry, I can’t help it. If you still adamantly hold that the rituals and customs should be strictly adhere to, even when one thinks they make no sense, then it will come of no relief for you when I say Sri Krishna call your types “the ignorant ones”:
the ignorant ones find pleasure in the sacrificial rites and their heavenly fruits described in the Karma-kanda of the Vedas; they hold that there is no greater truth than that and no other liberation“.

Still if you think Sri Krishna have some soft corner towards your types. Oh brother…He disappoints you again:
I am the Supreme Self, remain equally in all universal beings. To Me, no one is specially an object of anger and no one is specially dear. Those who worship me with pure love reach Me and I too shine in them“.

Dude…bottomline…. it’s upto you – who you want to believe. Bhagavan Krishna ? or Tantris, Community leaders, Kerala Yogakshema Sabha etc ?. You decide.

Catch you later.



  1. weird argument. If your belief is that God does not require any sacrifices or rituals of worship, why then discuss the details of temple worship? What is the need then, for temple worship and for tantris? The tantris follow a different variety of Hinduism, the orthodox temple-going variety full of agamas, rules and regulations for worship.

    If you actually believed all you wrote in this post, you should actually ignore all forms of worship, sacrifice and ritual. The question of who is allowed, and who is prohibited is irrelevant, because all ritual is irrelevant.

    Comment by vishwas — June 14, 2007 @ 12:47 am

  2. I totally agree with Vishwas. Infact in idol worship, purity and sanctity is to be maintained. The people who enter the temple must be devoted to the God and not just enter it as a matter of right like entering Taj Mahal and enjoying its beauty. If a person is really devoted to the Lord, he would not mind being a hindu and then enter the temple. I would like to ask a question: Why don’t you write a similar blog on non allowance of non muslims to Mecca. Infact even muslims of India are not allowed beyond certain area.

    Comment by Anonymous — August 8, 2007 @ 6:02 am

  3. @ Vishawas, Why we stopping someone, in seeing the god? Once upon a time, only the elite hindu’s in Kerala was allowed to get into the Temple. Why do we follow such rituals of purifications, do you think others are impure? Or do you think that god considers those who come to visit him are impure?

    @ Anonymous.
    Ask muslim brothers about Why they are not allowing..? It is out of this context.

    A great thought. I love the words of Krishna. Am very passionate about the divinity and wisdom of his words which refelect as a light to our hearts. Thank you.

    Comment by Tony Jose — August 16, 2009 @ 5:21 pm

  4. Do non Hindus have an inherent, inalienable human right to enter a Hindu temple? NO.

    Has any non muslim agitated for such a right of entry and worship? NO.

    Comment by RC Sharma — January 30, 2010 @ 1:48 am

  5. Do non Hindus have an inherent, inalienable human right to enter a Hindu temple? NO.

    Has any non Hindu agitated for such a right of entry and worship? NO.

    Comment by RC Sharma — January 30, 2010 @ 1:49 am

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